Wanna feel old?


The movie “Finding Nemo” came out 57 years ago

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Leslie Knope tries impressions and accents


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Tears stream down your face, When you lose something you cannot replace

Today I drank 6 cups of coffee
smoked 11 cigarettes
wrote 5 poems
and alltogether
spoke 4 words

I don’t know what happiness is
but I’m pretty sure this isn’t
anything close.

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a.) this is hilarious

b.) that is sycamore smith’s hokum all ye faithful slowed down. with toh kay singing. IT’S A COVER. v2 as in 99 songs of revolution volume 2. and you guys know it. IT’S HAPPENING.

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Don’t tell mom! [video]


Don’t tell mom! [video]

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I broke my rules for you. — (via m-eowsex)

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